O GialosRestaurant Mediterranean Cuisine

Simplicity is the property, the state, the characteristic of being simple, without complexity. often denotes beauty, purity or clarity. It is also a term used to denote honesty, innocence, candor and lack of hypocrisy. Words which are fully compatible with our beliefs. In the village Archangelos, in the heart of Stegna beach, about 30 km from Rhodes town and a few steps away from the beach, located Gialos. An area decorated with love in tradition, with the blue and white dominate in conjunction with objects of islander culture, so as to remind us where we come from.

Gialos care to taste dishes that will surprise you with their simplicity and will satisfy you with their taste. Cook driven traditional Greek cuisine with an emphasis on Rhodian dishes always with pure raw materials from our site. As we learned from our grandparents, as we learn to our children. Unspoilt traditional recipes such as the famous baked bread of Archangelos, olive oil and our coarse salt production, the boiled greens “sivrasis”, the grandmothers “giaprakia” , the “lopia”, the “pitaroudia” are just a few of the dishes that will pique your interest. Some of our most rich salads with grilled eggplant or herring, will grace the center of your table. Large variety of fresh fish of the day, in the pan or on the grill, from smelt and mullet until bream and snapper are available directly from the fishing boats. The famous “rouzetia” of Stegna beach, a kind of sand fish with reddish color, dipped in the traditional garlic sauce, for those who know and for those who want to learn. Seafood smell iodine as squid, sun dried octopus, cuttlefish cooked in their ink, shrimp “simiako” and many shellfish will remind your reason for visiting the gialos. Gialos special plates with lobster or crawfish spaghetti, seafood risotto or barley and cuttlefish risotto completes our menu. Some of the best Greek wines labels of all kinds, a wide variety of spirits and the Rhodian souma expect you to perfectly accompany your options. As for the end, our orange pie that not copied countless homemade sweets and the traditional “kourkoutenes” with honey will close with the most beautiful way your lunch or your dinner leaving you a nostalgic flavor, a tradition taste that found its way and passed on today.

Open daily from 10:00 to 24:00 in the warm months from April to October and weekends and holidays the rest of the year. Gialos Greek traditional cuisine ... because the beauty hidden in the simplicity!